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Song of the Day! Heypenny – Purple Street

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Heypenny are not messing aroun-na-na-na-na-nd from Nashville, Tennessee

I’m sorry, but i’m going to have to ask you to abstain from listening to this track if you can’t handle music that is packed with some energy. Right off the bat Purple Street jumps into full cycle with a pretty intriguing vocal delivery. I’m all about this track because i’m all about fun and energetic indie pop. And not your twinkle twinkle xylophone indie pop, but the ‘Hey everyone sing along and tap your feet to this catchy and carefree beat.’ I commemorate Heypenny for truly being such a unique band in their style and approach to the genre. The band has been around since 2009 and have released two albums and an EP so far. Purple Street is a single off their latest album A Jillion Kicks which came out earlier in February of this year. They probably couldn’t have picked a better title for an album packed full of so much pep and energy. I will defiantly be keeping my eyes peeled for future efforts from Heypenny.

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