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Song of the Day! The Submarines – Shoelaces

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The Submarines drop Love Notes/Letter Bombs from LA, California

The Submarines make no attempt to hide their percussion pop from the world seeing as how they’ve been featured in numerous advertisements over the past couple years, the most notable of these being the use of You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie in an Iphone 3G commercial. But The Submarines can’t be blamed for writing music so catchy that Apple knows you’ll buy stuff just from listening to it, so no penalty should be held against them. Although the Submarines have been rather silent since they found moderate commercial success with their music, or at least that was the case until just earlier this month when The Submarines released their third studio album Love Note/Letter Bombs. Shoelaces is in fact the first track off of the newest album and in my opinion captures The Submarines’ signature sound best. Alternating beats and distorted guitar struts that all lay beneath a duo of lyrics make Shoelaces immediately recognizable as the work of The Submarines. After listening to Love Note/Letter Bombs a few times over I realized there is a bounty of indie pop to be heard and I would not be doing the band justice if I didn’t share at least one more track from the wonderful new album. Patience is your best friend with the track Fire, just let it build up then take off into indie bliss.

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