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The Hundred in the Hands – [Keep It Low]


The Hundred in the Hands

Indie electo pop duo The Hundred in the Hands know how to ‘Keep It Low’  from Brooklyn, New York

The Hundred in the Hands – Keep It Low:

Download Keep It Low Here (Directly from SKOA‘s Soundcloud)

Rarely does a band capture my imagination and force fascination upon me so swiftly with their phantasmal beats that they have me questioning the very reality of all the other musicians that came before them. The Hundred in the Hands fuse elements of dreamy electro pop with everything one could like about post-punk and indie rock. Their unique music soothes the soul whist setting ablaze a fire that causes uncontrollable urges to move and dance about the room. They are the missing piece to the indie music puzzle that I have so desperately yearned to be filled in my life. Their 2010 debut self-titled album The Hundred in the Hands is like meeting someone for the first time, yet you have seemingly known them your whole life. Two years later and we find ourselves crossing paths with our ‘life-long friends’ once again with their latest single Keep It Low. If this gem of a single is any indication of whats to come then their new album Red Night is sure to please any and all who are familiar with the band and the enormously vast sound they encompass. Actually, I’m willing to bet that Red Night will please even those new and unfamiliar to the enchanting sounds The Hundred in the Hands have to offer.

Hope you’re ready! The Hundred in the Hands second album Red Night will be out June 11/12th.

Please show the band some support by heading over to The Hundred in the Hands’ Facebook Page and give them a big ol’ Like!

Or listen to The Hundred In The Hands on Spotify!

2 thoughts on “The Hundred in the Hands – [Keep It Low]

  1. Love it! Such a cool vibe! Love your blog by the way!

    • Yeah T.H.I.H never fails to send out some great vibes. And thanks for the blog compliment! I stopped by your blog and I truly like what I see. Your love of music is sincere and your articles reflect your passion so well. Keep it up!

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