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Song of the Day! Miami Horror – I Look To You ft. Kimbra

Miami Horror bring us the funk from Melbourne, Australia

There is something super special going on with Miami Horror’s album Illumination. It has a certain disco house style that you just don’t see very much in today’s music. The album is full of the grooviest of beats and pulls off some funky-ass feats. I Look To You is my second favorite off the album, only bested by the amazing Sometimes. I Look To You is a great example of that retro house feel that Miami Horror is so damn good at portraying in their music. New Zealand’s own singer/songwriter Kimbra’s vocals add that final perfect element to the track that just brings it all the way home for me. Honestly Illumination is packed full of songs that will make you want to get up and out of your seat and attempt to get your groove on. The album may have been released late August of last year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to commemorate one of the best indie electro albums of 2010.

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Song of the Day! Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers

Lykii Li puts us under a spell from Sweden

Lykke Li is not someone to easily be forgotten. The unique blend of indie dance and elctropop, along with being an incredibly talented songwriter, makes Lykke Li a force to be reckoned with. I Follow Rivers has that kind of primordial beat that just captures your attention and proceeds to seductively hold it. Li’s vocals seem a bit rugged but in my opinion it only makes the track stronger. Her newest album Wounded Rhymes came out early last month and has a lot to offer in terms of songs that will put you in a hypnotic trance of awesomeness. If your looking for something a little more upbeat to get moving to I’d suggest looking into the album’s first single Get Some.

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Song of the Day! Kids of 88 – My House

Kids of 88 hail from New Zealand

Kids of 88 – My House:

New Zealand has been dishing out all sorts of good indie acts the past year, Kids of 88 being just one of them. I wanted to make sure everyone gets a taste of the craziness that is My House, which is a hot single that has been floating around the past year gaining immense amounts of hype. The beats come fast and the lyrics just as quick. Songs like this get me pumped and have my attention held throughout. I will defiantly be looking into their debut album Sugarpills which came out late 2010.

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Song of the Day! ANR – Big Problem

ANR have a Big Problem from Miami. FL

Oh those fluctuating Oh-oh-Oh-oh-Oh’s; I feel like I just jumped into a time machine set to the late 80’s. ANR, short for Awesome New Republic, bring us their own brand of indie electronic music with the release of their new album Stay Kids, which came out earlier this month. Their lead single ‘Big Problem’ gets me all energized and gives me the urge to get up and jog in place rapidly as though I’m in a workout video. I’m looking forward to exploring the new album and maybe breaking a sweat as I dance relentlessly to whatever sick jams I may find on it.