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Bombay Bicycle Club – [Luna] + [Carry Me]

Bombay Bicycle Club - [Luna] + [Carry Me]

London based indie rockers, Bombay Bicycle Club, kick off album number four with Luna and Carry Me

Bombay Bicycle Club – Luna:

I’ll come clean from the start by saying that I enjoy just about everything Bombay Bicycle Club releases. That being said, their latest song Luna is so majestic and full of life that anyone should be able find its expansive embrace uplifting. Have a listen and be taken on a night time escapade through the wonderfully rich indie rock that Bombay Bicycle Club are known for crafting so damn well. This song has the effect of making my heart sink and swell in awe at the pleasant tone it emanates. Luna is indeed a wonderful sign of what’s to come on the new album.

So Long, See You Tomorrow is the name of Bombay Bicycle Club’s fourth, and coming, album. It will be released via Island Records on February 3rd this year. The anticipated album is comprised of ten tracks and features some delightful artwork that might be a reason alone to buy it.

So Long, See You Tomorrow

If you have not heard Carry Me, the first single off of So Long, See You Tomorrow, then you are truly missing out. Just as wholesome as Luna, but much more so in the way of electronic blips and beeps that are quite mellowing. It is a wonderful tune that I’m sure to listen to, and share, for years to come. Then again, I’m sure the whole album will be full of songs that will haunt me in a similar fashion.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Carry Me:

If you want to learn more about the band and keep up with what they’re doing you can always like them on their Facebook page.

Perhaps you would even like to follow them on Twitter @BombayBicycle.

Or listen to Bombay Bicycle Club on Spotify!

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Coasts – [Your Soul] + [Oceans]

Coasts - Wallow + Yours Soul + Oceans + Stones

Coasts bring us their nautically powered indie rock from Bristol, England

Coasts – Your Soul:

Bristol based Coasts make sincere music that immediately resonates and strikes a deeper chord within. Their music is best equivalated to a deep breath of fresh air after being submerged in salty waters for far too long. You get this exhilaration and sense of feeling that screams through every fiber of your every being to let you know that you are alive, and for good reason too.

Think of Your Soul as a lively escape for your inner being to an island safe-haven that the world, and all its inherent woes, have yet to discover. The pacing hits in wonderful waves crashing one after another onto the pleasant shore that is the metaphorical manifestation of Your Soul. As soon as the song subsides your left immediately wising you could return to that tranquil coastline, once again walking with your feet in the soothing waters of Coasts‘ alluring indie rock.

Luckily enough the band has released, in what I’d be quite bold enough to say is, a flawless EP. Each and every song off of their four track EP, Paradiseis engrossing and seemingly paints a different climate each and every time. If Your Soul is the bright sunny day with sparse clouds, then Oceans climate might best be described as a bit overcast with a chance of thunder and intensity.

What begins by playing off as almost a hushed anthemic love ballad immediately takes off into full flight with great magnitude that completely engulfs you on the way up. Oceans is a top notch tune that i’m sure will grow immensely popular soon.

Simply put Coasts are one of those bands with so much potential for greatness it is almost scary. With the right push and placement, I could see the band becoming as much of a household name in British indie rock on this side of the pond as Biffy Clyro, Foals, or even Two Door Cinema Club. The future looks goods for these talented gentlemen, and the prospective music they are sure to release for our enjoyment looks even better.

Coasts – Oceans:

Likes are a terrific thing for a band these days so you should totally check out Coasts’ Facebook Page and show them some affection.

Or listen to Coasts on Spotify!

Paradise EP (2013):

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Reverend and the Makers – [Bassline]

Reverend and the Makers

British indie rockers Reverend and the Makers come out of hiding with a 'true' banger

Reverend and the Makers – Bassline:

Download Bassline Here (Directly from the band’s website)

Hope you brought your smart phone and dancing shoes because Reverend and the Makers are back and have revamped themselves accordingly for our modern times. The head bopping indie electro tack Bassline is the first single off the band’s third and up coming album titled @Reverend_Makers. I really don’t think much else could describe 2012 better then a pseudo club hit and the ‘@’ symbol. Also, I’m pretty sure their new album and twitter account share the same name. While it seems Reverend the Makers are expanding heavily into their electronic side, I have no doubts that the band’s British indie rock roots will come into play on the new album. These guys have a solid track record when it comes to music that simply f—ing rocks and gets you riled up to take your aggression out on the nearest dance floor. Their new album @Reverend_Makers will see a proper release next month, May the 7th. Until then, B-b-b-bassline!

Show these mates some support by heading on over to Reverend and the Makers’ Facebook Page and giving them a Like!

Or listen to Reverend And The Makers on Spotify!

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Top 10 Albums of 2011! #1 A Different Kind of Fix

Bombay Bicycle Club offer us A Different Kind of Fix. I can't seem to get enough.

 Words simply can not describe how much I enjoy A Different Kind of Fix. So I’ll just let the highlights of my favorite album of 2011 do all the talking. 

How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep” – Bombay Bicycle Club

Bad Timing” – Bombay Bicycle Club

Lights Out, Words Gone” – Bombay Bicycle Club

Shuffle” – Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club - A Different Kind of Fix (click image to buy album)

  1. “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep”* 3:30
  2. “Bad Timing”* 3:34
  3. “Your Eyes”* 5:21
  4. “Lights Out, Words Gone”* 5:01
  5. “Take The Right One” 3:36
  6. “Shuffle”* 3:54
  7. “Beggars”* 4:12
  8. “Leave It”* 3:54
  9. “Fracture” 4:04
  10. “What You Want”* 4:20
  11. “Favourite Day”* 4:57
  12. “Still” 4:25
  13. “Beg (Bonus track)* 3:52
Notable Tracks*

Open and listen to Bombay Bicycle Club’s A Different Kind Of Fix in Spotify

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Top 10 Albums of 2011! #2 The English Riviera

Metronomy have turned The English Riviera into a river of melodic dreams.

I can safely say that no band has had a more profound impact on my musical taste this year then the English electropop geniuses of Metronomy. They have given me reason to hold others to higher standards with their incredibly talented electronic music that is just miles above the mainstream. I took one look at The Lookearlier this year, and you better believe that I was absolutely hooked. From there I dug right into the band’s latest album The English Riviera, at that point I became utterly obsessed with it. Such melodies, such rhythm- how moving, how grooving- and above all else emotionally driven by such a wide variety of sounds. It’s just a pleasurable experience to be exposed to the many rich layers Metronomy provides in all their music. You have the breathtaking The Bay, and the daunting and haunting track She Says, or even the surprisingly heart melting Everything Goes My Way. This is the kind of album that I could leave going on repeat in my car for weeks. The English Riviera came close to being my top album of 2011 but will have to settle with a gentleman’s second.

The Look” – Metronomy

The Bay” – Metronomy

She Wants” – Metronomy

Everything Goes My Way” – Metronomy

Metronomy - The English Riviera (click image to buy album)

  1. “The English Riviera” 0:37
  2. We Broke Free“* 4:05
  3. “Everything Goes My Way”* 3:30
  4. “The Look”* 4:37
  5. “She Wants”* 3:51
  6. Trouble“* 4:46
  7. “The Bay”* 4:50
  8. Loving Arm“* 3:31
  9. Corinne“* 3:16
  10. Some Written“* 6:03
  11. Love Underlined“* 5:58
*Notable Tracks

Open and listen to Metronomy’s The English Riviera in Spotify