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Reverend and the Makers – [Bassline]

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Reverend and the Makers

British indie rockers Reverend and the Makers come out of hiding with a 'true' banger

Reverend and the Makers – Bassline:

Download Bassline Here (Directly from the band’s website)

Hope you brought your smart phone and dancing shoes because Reverend and the Makers are back and have revamped themselves accordingly for our modern times. The head bopping indie electro tack Bassline is the first single off the band’s third and up coming album titled @Reverend_Makers. I really don’t think much else could describe 2012 better then a pseudo club hit and the ‘@’ symbol. Also, I’m pretty sure their new album and twitter account share the same name. While it seems Reverend the Makers are expanding heavily into their electronic side, I have no doubts that the band’s British indie rock roots will come into play on the new album. These guys have a solid track record when it comes to music that simply f—ing rocks and gets you riled up to take your aggression out on the nearest dance floor. Their new album @Reverend_Makers will see a proper release next month, May the 7th. Until then, B-b-b-bassline!

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Or listen to Reverend And The Makers on Spotify!

One thought on “Reverend and the Makers – [Bassline]

  1. LUV IT!!

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