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Song of the Day! The Crookes – Bloodshot Days

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The Crookes break hearts from Sheffield

Leave it to some easy going British indie rock to put a smile on my face. Bloodshot Days is like taking nice stroll on a beautiful sunny day, only your accompanied by some wonderful guitar noodling and oh so subtle lyrics about romanticism. The Crookes seem to be good at meshing blissful indie rock with the gushier emotions and thats fine by me. Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and ponder about life, love, and happiness- especially when it’s to the tune of a such talented young band. The Crookes released Bloodshot Days on their debut album Chasing After Ghost on March 28th (My Birthday!) of the this year. Having not heard the album yet I can only speculate what one might find in it’s britpop crevices. Mostly likely you’ll be treated to an array of heart-wrenching foot tappers and catchy indie pop tracks alike.

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