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Pacific Air – [Float] + [Roses]

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Pacific Air

Pacific Air, formally known as KO KO, show us how to Float away

Pacific Air – Float:

What better way to end a summer then to be lost in the wonderfully whimsical and quite blissful world that Pacific Air so kindly paints for us. With a laid back pace and a whistle chorus like a cool ocean breeze, the track Float takes us on an unforgettable journey to the coastline. Float strikes all the right chords and distances itself from being a drab song one might glance over without a second thought.

I first heard Float way back in spring of 2012, back when Pacific Air still went under the moniker of KO KO. Lets just say I’ve been eagerly awaiting for more ever since I became entranced by this wonderful and memorable track. This year after quite sometime and a change of name the two brothers, Ryan and Taylor Lawhon, that make up Pacific Air decided to release their debut album Stop Talking (via Republic Records). These bros deserve some major kudos for releasing such a delightful and strong debut album. Track by track is a sun soaked journey along the American west coast so be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen while you’re away on this musical voyage.

The song Roses is far and away my favorite track so far on Stop Talking and I highly recommend giving this outstanding song a listen or two for sure.

BONUS: Pacific Air – Roses:

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