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Song of the Day! Tim & Jean – Like What

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Tim & Jean keep up their synth appeal from Mandurah, Australia

Within seconds Like What comes alive with an immediate synth hook that just holds your attention. I rather enjoy the pleasant feeling evoked by this Australian electro-pop and It just reminds me so much of the synth infused pop style that has swept Australia’s indie music scene. It’s hard to forget that Empire of the Sun paved this movement in Australian electronic music and Tim & Jean have that immediate simliar sound. The reality of it is that Tim & Jean are more alike the American electro-pop band Passion Pit then anything else. The song I Can Show You would immediately start to remind you of PP and that seems to be the trend as well with their other single Come Around. So what? I’m perfectly fine with a PP sound alike since they are pretty high up on my list of favorite bands. I need to get my hands on their debut album that also goes by Like What, which saw a release early last month, so I can throughly enjoy Tim & Jean.

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