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Song of the Day! The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – The Golden Age

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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour keep us happy from Copenhagen, Denmark

Blissful indie percussion-based pop makes The Asteroids Galaxy Tour always a joy to indulge in. That unique voice likes to put a massive grin on my face as I can’t help but feel as bubbly as the music does. The Golden Age is a track that is by no means new, since it was originally released in late 2009 on the band’s debut album Fruit, but it is a song that did not quite get attention at the time due to the success of the band’s Ipod commercial featured single Around the Bend. Now The Asteroids Galaxy Tour have released The Golden Age EP which features three new tracks and two different versions of The Golden Age itself. The EP actually wasn’t due for release until April 18th but due to a leak on the inter-webs the band as decided to drop it early.

And if you like The Asteroids Galaxy Tour then you should check out the similar sound in the song Beautiful Trash by Lanu.

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