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Song of the Day! Christoffer Roth – A New Kind Of Love

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Solo Swedish artist Christoffer Roth is a name I bet you’ve never heard before. With under 300 listeners and no real artist description anywhere in English, I’d consider Mr. Roth to be pretty independent and under the radar. I have been listening to A New Kind Of Love all April and the song has grown on me with each listen. While the content of the song itself maybe a little on the sad side, i’m more focused on the upbeat indie rock Mr. Roth has managed to create for us. I can’t help but be reminded of Finnish band Cats on Fire who, despite possibly being even more upbeat, is quite similar in musical style and vocal delivery. Maybe that striking similarity is why I enjoy Christoffer Roth so much or maybe I just hold a special place in my heart for good Scandinavian Indie bands. It probably won’t be long before my curiosity gets the best of me and I look into getting my hands on Mr. Roth’s debut album Best In a Mess, released just last month.

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