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Song of the Day! Broken Bells – Meyrin Fields

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Broken Bells originated in LA, California

In the year 2009 The Shins frontman James Mercer and super producer Danger Mouse came together to form a duo unlike all others called Broken Bells. An album bearing the same name was soon to follow as well their first great single The High Road.  Now we fast forward to 2011 and Broken Bells has just recently released their new 4 track EP Meyrin Fields:

  1. “Meyrin Fields”
  2. “Windows”
  3. “An Easy Life”
  4. “Heartless Empire”

The Meyrin Fields EP provides as much creative experimental indie rock as ever and highlights the duo’s ability to take musical concepts just that much farther then other groups would be willing to. The best part about the new EP is that is just that, an EP. The band has already made clear its intentions of putting out another proper album and that Meyrin Fields is here to hold us in the meantime. I’m rather excited for a true sophomore effort and have a feeling that the duo will finally of had time to fine tune their sound so hopefully we can expect to see an album from a mature and collected band.

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