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Song of the Day! Dance and Forget – Can I Still Dance

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Dance and Forget make us dance and not forget from Sweden

Talk about a hidden gem, according to this track has been listened to by less then 500 people. Lucky for you I love sharing and Can I Still Dance is definitely a track worth sharing. Right from the start you can tell there is something special going on here. That playful bass draws you in then helps to push you off on a pleasant journey through indie pop land. A catchy chorus and fun filled beat, things don’t get much more blissful then this. The band Dance and Forget are as independent as they come and just put out a self-released album earlier this year named none other then Dance and Forget. With songs like this Dance and Forget can not stay hidden forever and I don’t see how a world exposed to this joyful 7-piece could be such a bad thing.

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