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Song of the Day! The Kills – The Future Starts Slow

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The Kills slowly bring us the future from the UK.

EDIT: Seems The Kills record company has taken down Blood Pressures from soundcloud. I will post a secondary link ASAP.

EDIT#2: Well apparently Blood Pressures is no longer available to stream on any service via web. Domino Records has decided to take down the album from all streaming services.

Edit#3: Well i’m not going to leave you hanging high and dry. You guys will have to settle with the equally awesome track Satellite while I wait for Domino Records to take their boot of my face.

The Kills – Satellite


What a hell of a way to kick off a new album! The Kills new album Blood Pressures drops today and what better way the celebrate then to share the album’s brilliant opening track with everyone. This song is dripping with that signature sound I have come to love and associate with The Kills so much. The Future Starts Slow is all about never giving up on the one you care about no matter how hard you have to struggle to keep yourselves afloat. The new album is full of tracks that analyze the dark corners of  relationships and the complex twists and turns encountered as we try to please one another. I have had to joy of being able to listen through all of Blood Pressures and I am very very pleased to say The Kills have a released a solid piece of art that rivals their amazing 2008 albumMidnight Boom. The more I listen, the more it grows and it maybe too early to say but I have a feeling this an album I will associate with “Best of 2011” at some point in my life.

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