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The Royal Concept – [Gimme Twice]

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The Concept

The Royal Concept bring us their pop fueled indie rock from Stockholm, Sweden

The Royal Concept – Gimme Twice: 

I can understand someone’s immediate confusion when listening to this track for the first time. I know the first thought that popped in my head was ‘Is that Phoenix I am hearing?’ I wouldn’t necessarily call it a disappointment to find out that real artist behind this gnarly jam are the soon to pop Swedish indie rockers, The Royal Concept. Detta är indierock på det finaste! The pop infused simplicity and wonderful execution of Gimme Twice gives great reason to have your eyes (and ears!) on this band. The only thing disappointing I find about this band is the overall lack of material. This song is such a tease in the sense it leaves me wanting a full album to hit the up the beach side with and jam out to. While there is no news of a debut album yet, The Royal Concept have at least released one other single for our listening pleasure. I highly recommend checking out their additional track D-D-Dance, which keeps the fun going by picking up right where Gimme Twice leaves off.

Don’t forget to check out The Royal Concept’s Facebook page and give them a Like! You’ll  definitely want to be in the know for when these guys release some new tracks.

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