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American Royalty

American Royalty – [Matchstick] + [I’ve Been Fighting For You]


American Royalty

American Royalty are Los Angeleos based psychedelic-blues rockers

American Royalty – Matchstick:

I guess I should tell you upfront that this track has a bit of a build up, sixty seconds of ongoing pleasant piano riffs, but if you can handle then your ears surely will be rewarded with the wonderful changing of pace. That change of pace is the psychedelic electronic frenzy that seems to play a huge influence on the brand of alternative rock made by American Royalty. It’s true that I could sit here all day trying to list genres that this unique band might encompass, but if I were to pick two from the crowd they’d have to be electronic and blues. Makes for a hell-of-a combination as is clearly evident by the head spinning Matchstick. (I mean come on! Did you hear that breakdown?!) However, this is far from the only note worthy track made by American Royalty. I’d easily recommend any of the three songs found on the band’s latest record Matchstick EP. I know three doesn’t seem like much but we’re talking about three completely solid individual jams, and at $1 a piece that sounds like a steal. American Royalty know how to set the bar real high and I can not wait until I can see what these guys do with a full album. I also highly recommend giving the bonus track I’ve Been Fighting For You a listen.

BONUS: American Royalty – I’ve Been Fighting For You:

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