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Fort Wilson Riot – [For All The Little Things]

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Fort Wilson Riot

Fort Wilson Riot are the Minneapolis-based duo of Amy Hager and Jacob Mullis

Fort Wilson Riot – For All The Little Things:

There is just something special about a boy/girl indie duo that bring together their strong suits to form something much more. Fort Wilson Riot seemingly capture both the tender and firm sides of the indie genre into one streamline sound that holds much stronger then if either member stood alone. The pair are like “peanut butter and jelly” or “macaroni and cheese”, it’s as simple as that. Everything about For All The Little Things is in perfect sync and exemplifies the talent of this promising indie rock partnership. What starts as a simple melodic stroll ends in a complex combination of vocal layering and amazing guitar breaks that run it all the way home. I seriously could listen to only the last two minutes of this song on repeat for hours and be pleased. The track was released off the band’s latest EP Generation Complex back in early December of last year, but that doesn’t stop this track from being a breath of fresh air in 2012. Right now I’m looking forward to dissecting all of Generation Complex as I await news of a future LP album from Fort Wilson Riot.

Head over to Fort Wilson Riot’s Facebook page and give them a Like! Show your support to a band that’s as independent as it gets.

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