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Song of the Day! The Kooks – Junk of the Heart (Happy)

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The Kooks - Junk of the Heart (Happy)

The Kooks give us Junk of the Heart from their home town of Brighton, England

You’ve got to like it when a band you know and love releases new material that is rather familiar sounding, but at the same time very evolved and headed in a different direction. So far, from what I’ve heard on the new album titled Junk of the Heart, I would say The Kooks are really trying to mix things up and try new things this time around. I can not be too set on anything though because I haven’t heard the album in its entirety yet. This mainly being due to Junk of the Heart having a release date of September 12th. I’m sure The Kooks will have plenty of tracks that appease its fans all across the board. I do, however, think it’s safe to say fans have taken well to the title track and first single released, Junk of the Heart (Happy). That signature catchy chorus indie pop is present along with the band’s known talent of having complete dominance over indie rock as a genre. I’m sure Junk of the Heart will have plenty of spotlight when it comes out next month but I just thought I’d share a nice song from a band I have enjoyed numerous times over the years and watched as they’ve gained popularity.

I’m sure they really don’t need the Likes, but its the thought that counts. Head on over to The Kook’s Facebook Page and express your thoughts.

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