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Song of the Day! Eisley – The Valley

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Eisley - The Valley

Eisley perhaps found their inspirations for The Valley in their hometown of Tyler, Texas.

What is there to enjoy about a well established indie rock/pop act from east Texas? Pretty much everything I’d say. The band Eisley, made up of all siblings from the DuPree family, has been around since it signed with Warner Brothers Records in 2003, but I’ve just now been exposed to them this year. This is due to the release of their third full-length album The Valley earlier this year in March. However, it wasn’t until this summer I heard the track The Valley off Eisley’s new album, that goes by the same name, and I absolutely was sucked in. The sweet and delicate vocals of Stacy DuPree compliment the paced and steady rock music produced by the rest of the band so well. Something about this music is just tranquil and it almost seems as though Eisley manages to capture a beautiful novelized version of the world through their new album The Valley. While seemingly slow at times, this is an album to leave for those days when your heart rate is low and your thoughts are clear. And so what if maybe the female gender might be more inclined to like this music then their male counterparts? I’m a man and I happen to think this music is beautifully bad-ass.

If you also find Eisley’s music to be beautiful or bad ass then you should Like them on Facebook!

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