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Song of the Day! Wolf Gang – Lions In Cages

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Wolf Gang keeps the lions in cages from London

Oh my goodness this sure is something sweet right here. Lions In Cages is new indie pop at its best and brightest. The chorus, the whistling guitar, and that steady beat all come together to make something extra special. Where did this Wolf Gang come from and how has he not made a name for himself already?! Apparently Wolf Gang is the solo effort of British singer/song writer Max McElligott and has already began touring with big names like Florence And The Machine, Miike Snow and Metric. If he keeps dishing out beautiful poppy tracks like this and I have no doubt that it will be him one day headlining a major tour. We can expect Wolf Gang’s debut album Suego Faults to be released on June 27th. Now excuse me as I scower the internet to find every Wolf Gang track I can get my hands on in the mean time.

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