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Song of the Day! Ida Maria – Bad Karma

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Ida Maria brings all kinds of Bad Karma from Nesna, Norway

I honestly think that nothing but good can come from Ida Maria’s Bad Karma. This foot stomping rock’n’roll track echos the likeness of female pioneer rocker Joan Jett. I’m really digging the classic sound and wouldn’t expecting anything less from the rebellious queen of new Norwegian rock. Bad Karma is a single from her upcoming second album Katla, which already saw a release in Norway last fall but isn’t set for an international release until June 7. Her debut album Fortress Round My Heart was a brilliant way to come on to the scene and has set the bar pretty high for a sophomore release. From what I’ve heard so far I don’t think we’ll be disappointed.

Fun Fact: The song Bad Karma is also featured in the soundtrack of Scream 4.

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