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Song of the Day! Yip Deceiver – Obnoxia

Yip Deceiver give us Obnoxia from Canada

Here is another hidden gem with less then 500 listeners. This time exploring the always exciting genre of Indietronica. For those of you unsure of what Indietronica is look no further then this very song. Obnoxia is a great example with its synth high note bleeps and electro beats and all the while manages to keep that pacing and lyrical style so integrated in the Indie musical genre I can’t help but to draw comparisons between Yip Deceiver and Passion Pit. To me the Yip Deceivers have all the pep and catchiness of their counter part, but is just a little more tame in the vocal style when compare to the ridiculous falsettos of Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit. Regardless of how much they seem like Passion Pit, Yip Deceiver have all the workings to go off and make a name for themselves in the ever shrinking world of musical variety.