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Song of the Day! Mother Mother – Far In Time

Mother Mother are from none other then Canada

Mother Mother is a band I fell for so long ago.  Their 2008 debut O My Heart is a personal favorite of mine so its only natural for me to be a little hyped by the release of their second album Eureka, released just last month. Mother Mother are indie rockers who know how to blend so many different elements together into nice alternative pop music. Far In Time is just so musically flowing and over all well polished. Most of the songs on Eureka have a constant pace that is quite exciting, yet at the same time relaxing. I may have a personal bias towards Mother Mother, but I’ll defend to the end that more music should be made with the amount passion these guys (and gals) put into their music.

PS: I was gone all weekend so that is why there have not been any new songs the past two days.