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Top 10 Albums of 2011! #6 EUREKA

EUREKA! Mother Mother have struck gold with their brilliant brand of indie pop.

Kinda pressed for time today so I can’t really go as in depth as I’d like on why Mother Mother’s EUREKA is one of the best albums of the year. All I can say is take a listen below yourself and the reasons should become pretty self evident. The unique blend of pop and rock that Mother Mother bring this time around is nothing short of creative genius. From memorable lyrical hooks, insane falsetto vocals, and wonderful duets to soaring piano scores, gargantuan noodling, and thrashing guitars- EUREKA is a giant melting pot of indie delights. If your looking for something unique to add to your musical collection look no further then this masterly crafted album. Do yourself a favor and LISTEN TO THIS AMAZING ALBUM. You simply will not regret it.

EUREKA in its entirety provided for your listening pleasure from Soundcloud.

EUREKA - Mother Mother (click image to buy album)

  1. Chasing it Down* – 4:10
  2. The Stand* – 2:56
  3. Baby Don’t Dance* – 3:30
  4. Original Spin* – 3:32
  5. Born in a Flash* – 3:11
  6. Simply Simple* – 3:32
  7. Problems* – 3:27
  8. Aspiring Fires* – 3:34
  9. Getaway – 3:39
  10. Far in Time* – 3:20
  11. Oleander* – 3:20
  12. Calm Me Down – 4:42
  13. In the Wings – 4:00
  14. Carve a Name – 3:26
*Notable Tracks

Open and listen to Mother Mother’s EUREKA in Spotify

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Top 10 Albums of 2011! #7 The Golden Age of Knowhere

A true testament of current times, Funeral Party brings us The Golden Age of Knowhere.

Indie bands can always seem to bring something new to the table in a what feels like an over saturated market, and no band this year could come close to touching the prolific dance punk of Funeral Party. Ladies and gents this is what edgy alternative rock is supposed to sound like- a band brimming with passion for their work. Everything about The Golden Age of Knowhere is clearly done right, as evident by the loud heart pumping and dance provoking indie rock found through out. Instantly memorable tracks like New York City Moves To The Sound of L.A. and Finale help this album break through to a broader alt rock audience, but there are so many treasures that seemed to slip through the mainstream cracks on this stunning album. I also must say the relistenability factor of The Golden Age of Knowhere just puts it that much farther ahead of some of the other great albums 2011 had to offer.

Where Did It Go Wrong?” – Funeral Party

Can I just come out and say it? Love at first listen. Yes, this track swept me off my feet and had my questioning the very legitimacy of this band. I mean how could something be so whimsical, yet rock out just as much? Once the shock factor was pushed aside I could finally come to terms with just how great of a song Where Did It Go Wrong? is. In fact, I’d say it’s easily my favorite track from the album. Well I shouldn’t say it was that easy with there being so many other great tracks on my number 7 album of 2011.

Funeral Party - The Golden Age of Knowhere (click image to buy album)

  1. “New York City Moves to the Sound of L.A.”* 4:29
  2. “Car Wars”* 4:13
  3. Finale“* 4:12
  4. “Where Did It Go Wrong”* 3:29
  5. “Just Because”* 3:54
  6. “Postcards of Persuasion” 3:41
  7. “Giant” 3:20
  8. “City in Silhouettes”* 3:40
  9. “Youth & Poverty”* 3:21
  10. “Relics to Ruins” 3:30
  11. “The Golden Age of Knowhere” 3:28
*Notable Tracks

Open and listen to Funeral Party’s The Golden Age of Knowhere in Spotify

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Top 10 Albums of 2011! #8 Passive Me, Aggressive You

The Naked and Famous may not be naked, but I'd be damned not to say that they're now famous.

New Zealand’s own The Naked and Famous are responsible for easily one of the most invigorating albums of 2011; Passive Me, Aggressive You. From start to finish this album is a self-sufficient youthful journey of loud and powerful indie rock that ranges from the synth strung Young Blood to the heavy distorted guitars found on Frayed and many other tracks. The overall listening experience is definitely a memorable one that does not allow itself to be taken for granted. The Naked and Famous bring a unique form of vitality to a genre that likes to say it’s seen it all. The reception from critics and audiences alike could generally not be more positive making this band one of the most demanded acts of 2011.

Frayed” – The Naked and Famous

The alarm has sounded and what has commenced must be allowed to finish and take its course. Frayed is just something that can’t be fought off with its alluring build up into a full blown tantalizer of the musical senses. Ok, so maybe I get a bit more out of this track then the average individual but there is no denying the mesmerizing appeal of this wicked track.

Young Blood” – The Naked and Famous

Ah, Young Blood. The pinnacle song in The Naked and Famous’ arsenal, and what I like to believe is the track that put these guys on the map. From the second those first synth driven notes are dropped you find yourself enveloped in a song that just towers above the rest of what 2011 has to offer. This is something new- something different- you could almost say it’s a breed of its own. This track is the very embodiment of the youthfulness and spontaneity The Naked and Famous evoke so well. I don’t think Passive Me, Aggressive You would have been the same with out this beautiful stand out of a track.

The Naked and Famous - Passive Me, Aggressive You (click image to buy album)

  1. “All of This”* 3:55
  2. Punching in a Dream“* 3:58
  3. “Frayed”* 3:46
  4. “The Source” 0:48
  5. “The Sun”* 3:56
  6. “Eyes” 4:43
  7. “Young Blood”* 4:06
  8. “No Way” 5:29
  9. “Spank”* 4:10
  10. “Jilted Lovers” 3:15
  11. “A Wolf in Geek’s Clothing”* 3:14
  12. “The Ends” 1:49
  13. “Girls Like You”* 6:04
*Notable Tracks

Open and listen to The Naked And Famous’ Passive Me, Aggressive You in Spotfiy

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Top 10 Albums of 2011! #9 Gimme Some

Peter Bjorn and John delighted fans around the world this year with their album Gimmie Some.

It just wouldn’t be right to exclude Peter Bjorn and John’s memorable indie rock album Gimme Some from my top 10 list. Now this album is chalk full of both hits and misses, but I’d easily say the scale is heavily weighted in favor of hits. I’m going to say if you like what Peter Bjorn and John have always had to offer (ridiculously catchy indie pop) then you’d feel right at home with Gimme Some. Now if your someone new to the band and their versatile indie stylings (Have you been under a rock?) then Gimme Some still might be for you! Peter Bjorn and John just have that kind of genre breaking appeal that so many other indie bands lack these day. In other words, you and dad can both find something to treat your ears to on this foot tapper of an album.

Second Chance” – Peter Bjorn and John

There are so many greats options to choose from when singling out just one track from the wonderful Gimme Some. Why not go with the lead single and instant stand out Second Chance? Loads of appeal that most likely stems from the songs to ability to capture and maintain your attention. Once you’re hooked you’ll find that resisting the urge to bop and sing along pretty much impossible.

Peter Bjorn and John – Gimme Some (Click image to buy album)

  1. “Tomorrow Has to Wait”* – 3:00
  2. Dig a Little Deeper“* – 3:52
  3. “Second Chance”* – 4:15
  4. “Eyes” – 2:55
  5. “Breaker, Breaker”* – 1:41
  6. “May Seem Macabre”* – 4:44
  7. “(Don’t Let Them) Cool Off”* – 2:50
  8. “Black Book” – 1:38
  9. “Down Like Me” – 3:51
  10. “Lies” – 3:13
  11. “I Know You Don’t Love Me”* – 5:38
*Notable tracks

Open and listen to Peter Bjorn And John’s Gimme Some in Spotify

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Top 10 Albums of 2011! #10 The Big Roar

The Joy Formidable 's "Roar" is loud and finally being heard around the world.

The Joy Formidable are not quite the household name yet, but these true indie rockers, straight out of Whales, have finally found their overdue gratification with audiences around the world. As someone who has personally followed this band from before it’s first EP was even released in 2008, I can definitely say it was rather a shock to turn on an American radio station in 2011 and have my ear’s greeted by The Joy Formidable. Now indie music jet-lag is nothing new with the amount of artist I get into early on, but when the band you’ve already been listening to is one of the most influential bands of your life you have to take a second and breath when they finally break through to those around you.

Whirring” – The Joy Formidable

It comes to me as no surprise that out of all The Joy Formidable’s absolutely stunning, loud and vivacious rock music, that audiences favor the nearly 7 minute epic of a track Whirring. A complete journey of the rock landscape in and of itself. This track sits prominently in the center of my number ten album of 2011; The Big Roar.

The Joy Formidable - The Big Roar (Click image to buy album)

  1. “The Everchanging Spectrum of a Lie”*  7:44
  2. “The Magnifying Glass”  2:19
  3. “I Don’t Want to See You Like This”*  4:18
  4. “Austere”*  3:30
  5. “A Heavy Abacus”*  3:40
  6. “Whirring”*  6:47
  7. “Buoy”*  4:51
  8. “Maruyama”  1:46
  9. “Cradle”*  2:46
  10. “Llaw = Wall”  3:44
  11. “Chapter 2”  3:08
  12. “The Greatest Light Is the Greatest Shade”*  5:20
*Notable tracks

Open and listen to The Joy Formidable’s The Big Roar in Spotify.