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Top 10 Albums of 2011! #9 Gimme Some

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Peter Bjorn and John delighted fans around the world this year with their album Gimmie Some.

It just wouldn’t be right to exclude Peter Bjorn and John’s memorable indie rock album Gimme Some from my top 10 list. Now this album is chalk full of both hits and misses, but I’d easily say the scale is heavily weighted in favor of hits. I’m going to say if you like what Peter Bjorn and John have always had to offer (ridiculously catchy indie pop) then you’d feel right at home with Gimme Some. Now if your someone new to the band and their versatile indie stylings (Have you been under a rock?) then Gimme Some still might be for you! Peter Bjorn and John just have that kind of genre breaking appeal that so many other indie bands lack these day. In other words, you and dad can both find something to treat your ears to on this foot tapper of an album.

Second Chance” – Peter Bjorn and John

There are so many greats options to choose from when singling out just one track from the wonderful Gimme Some. Why not go with the lead single and instant stand out Second Chance? Loads of appeal that most likely stems from the songs to ability to capture and maintain your attention. Once you’re hooked you’ll find that resisting the urge to bop and sing along pretty much impossible.

Peter Bjorn and John – Gimme Some (Click image to buy album)

  1. “Tomorrow Has to Wait”* – 3:00
  2. Dig a Little Deeper“* – 3:52
  3. “Second Chance”* – 4:15
  4. “Eyes” – 2:55
  5. “Breaker, Breaker”* – 1:41
  6. “May Seem Macabre”* – 4:44
  7. “(Don’t Let Them) Cool Off”* – 2:50
  8. “Black Book” – 1:38
  9. “Down Like Me” – 3:51
  10. “Lies” – 3:13
  11. “I Know You Don’t Love Me”* – 5:38
*Notable tracks

Open and listen to Peter Bjorn And John’s Gimme Some in Spotify

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