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Song of the Day! Architecture in Helsinki – Escapee

Architecture in Helsinki's music escapes to the world from Melbourne

Escapee is just what i’d call myself when listening to the song. It’s like escaping to a whole new place in my my head I didn’t even know existed. I find it rather ridiculous that this is the first time i’ve come across a song by Architecture in Helsinki that I really enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, Architecture in Helsinki is a brilliant indie pop band that has paved the way for many others in the genre. It’s just they’ve never really fit in with my vibe too well, or that was then case up until they released the album Moment Bends just yesterday, the 2nd of may. This album is like indie pop heaven with a side of infectious beats. Please someone tell me if this is what the band always sounds like, because if so i’ll go pick up their other three albums right now!