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Song of the Day! GIVERS – Up Up Up

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GIVERS give us Up Up Up from Lafayette, Louisiana.

I kid you not when I say this Louisiana indie five-piece is poppin’ and poppin’ off now. Catch these kids while they are hot and fresh because they are going places fast. GIVERS unique blend of indie pop and freak folk fit perfectly into the trendy music scene that has been raging across the states as of late. Up Up Up is whimsical yet sophisticated at the same time with it’s wonderful array of percussion layered in with a multitude of vocal tracks and semi-disco beats. Honestly there is just too much going on here to be described in words and that rolls over just fine in my book. GIVERS just dropped their debut album In Light earlier this month and trust me when I say these guys (and gal) are not just a one hit wonder. In Light is teeming with life and blissful indie hits and is defiantly worth checking out. Now I’m going to sit back with a smile on my face as GIVERS deservingly blow up and get the exposure and attention that is rightfully theirs.

Don’t be shy! Hit up their Facebook and let them know just how awesome they are.


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