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Song of The Day! Floraline – Eighty One


You best believe the shock I received when I discovered the year Floraline released the track Eighty One. Apparently Floraline has released one album, and one album only, and that would be the band’s self-titled debut Floraline which was release waaaaay back in the year 1999. It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that a tune like this could possibly be 12 years old. The pleasant electronic beat and laid back guitar seems like they’d fit in so well in today’s modern indie pop music, not the new wave movement of the late 90’s/early 00’s. They other interesting fact about Floraline is that they make seemingly euro-pop music from Atlanta, Georgia. I never would have been able to guess that a southern indie band in the year 1999 would’ve crept its way into my Itunes and into my heart. Everytime I had listened to Eighty One, up until this day, I had been lying to myself and convinced that this five-piece outfit was just another indie act on the verge of breaking out. I now find they existed in a magical time before before Myspace, Facebook, and all other forms of social media so information on Floraline is very limited. This is somewhat disheartening because I now find the sad truth that I will never get to see new material from this hidden gem of the nineties. I guess I have no choice now but to pick up Floraline on Amazon and see what other untold gems are in store for my listening pleasure.

This is the only image in existence on the internet of the Atlanta based Floraline

5 thoughts on “Song of The Day! Floraline – Eighty One

  1. I would have completely believed they just came out with their debut album last week; they were SO many years (not to mention miles, I mean they sound straight out of Eastern Europe) ahead of this kind of sound. This is one for any CD with good coasting music.

    • This was defiantly way ahead of its time and out of place for a deep south American band. And just so you know this on one of my favorite driving CDs because like you said its perfect for coasting. I also had to post the song on a Sunday afternoon because of the songs opening lyrics, it just wouldn’t of felt right on any other day of the week.

  2. The only reason I know about this CD is I was writing music reviews for a webzine at the time it came out. It was one of the cd’s the magazine sent me to review. It’s one of my all time favorite albums. It’s sinful they didn’t make another one. I’m not sure I would say it was ahead of its time. It just came from a place where no one would pay attention to it. Had they come from Sweden or, let’s put it this way, anywhere other than the United States, I think they would have been huge. If they had come out with this in say 1986, they would have been huge. There just wasn’t any infrastructure in the music industry left to support an album like this. I love this album and always go back to it, work it into compilation disks. I’m listening to it now. The only thing even close is The Cardigans Gran Turismo, which has a beat unlike anything else from its time period. I want more Floraline! I guess we can’t have everthing we want, though. :(

  3. I used to work with Jason Winter-Jarnigan and I loved him…wish I could find him again…

  4. Yep, terrific record. I had the pleasure of playing with Floraline in Boston back when we were both on the indietronica circuit of the time. We narrowly avoided becoming labelmates on Minty Fresh, but fate had other plans. I likewise listen to this album all the time – truly great stuff.

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