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Song of the Day! Morning Parade – Under The Stars

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Morning Parade formed under the stars in Harlow, Essex, England.

Music Video: Under The Stars

So I wake up this morning and do my normal routine of a shower and a bowl of cereal, all the while listening to my favorite Dutch internet radio station streaming out the best new indie tracks. Then this little number comes on a draws me in and doesn’t let go. Under The Stars has a beautiful upward stride that just builds anticipation that levels out just right and then takes off. I haven’t heard such wonderful guitar struts since Foals’ first album Antidotes. Having only heard Under The Stars for the first time this morning I have not yet had a chance to dig into Morning Parade’s recent release of the Under The Stars EP. From what I’ve read comparing the band to Foals really isn’t too far off track but I’m probably not giving Morning Parade enough credit for their own wonderful sound. The band is set to release their debut album sometime before the end of 2011 and you can bet that The Sifting Pan will be revisiting these indie rockers when more news of a debut comes into the light.

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