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Song of the Day! Miles Kane – Come Closer

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Miles Kane stays solo from the great land of Britain

I had actually never heard of Miles Kane before this beautiful piece of work found its way into my Itunes. Apparently Miles Kane is a vital member of the indie rock duo The Last Shadow Puppets (the other member being Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys) and he recently disbanded his other band The Rascals in order to focus more on his solo career. Believe me when I say I’m glad this catchy little tune landed in my lap. This is just the kind of indie rock I’d expect to see coming from well adept British artist today. It echos the sounds of english rock styles from the past, yet it’s so clean and well polished that you know it’s a product of modern music production. Miles has announced that his debut album Colour Of  The Trap will be released May 9th but not much is known about it otherwise. If most of the tracks are as well put together as Come Closer then Miles Kane will be a name that everyone comes to learn real fast.

One thought on “Song of the Day! Miles Kane – Come Closer

  1. The song sounds like it came from the 70s. Its not too bad. :)

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