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Song of the Day! Beastie Boys – Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (featuring Santigold)

Beastie Boys play to win from New York City

I know that your probably saying, hold on a sec Beastie Boys aren’t very indie! In the sincere sense of the word, No. But in the very malleable and loose definition of the musical genre, Yes. I’d actually fight more for the indie because these guys are dinosaurs in musicians terms and have been producing against the grain and independent hip hop for decades. Now I’ve never been a huge fan of the Beastie Boys music but over the years as I’ve grown up I’ve become open to more then just a select few singles of theirs. Then earlier on in 2011 they dropped Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 on us and this was a game changer for me. After hearing Make Some Noise I was curious enough to try out the new album to see if the rest was similar.

While at first listen it’s very clear that Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 is a Beastie Boys album, it’s also something completely different then you might expect from an old school hip hop trio. My curiosity led to the discovery of the incrediabily chill and laidback tune of Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win. That horn clears the air so the Beastie Boy’s have your full attention for this reggae-esque head bopper. Add in one of my favorite female artist, Santigold, as a guest singer and it’s hook, line, and sinker for me. I’m all about this subtle jam right now and am rather worried at the rate my play counts are going up for it. I don’t want my itunes thinking I’m head over heels for Beastie Boys, now do I.

Enjoy the action figure plagued video of Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (Featuring Santigold). The Beastie Boys have some continually ill adventures i’d say.

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