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WNSC Playlist for 4/16/13

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The Sifting Pan is live every Tuesday night 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. E/T on WNSC, UCF’s Student Run Radio Station. Tune in HERE during my 1 hour time slot for some of the latest and greatest in Indie/Alternative/Electro.

  1. Bat For Lashes/The Doors – Riders Sleep Alone; MySplice 4
  2. Tame Impala – Elephant; Lonerism
  3. The Astro Firs – Battery Power; The Astro Firs Demos
  4. Flashguns – Sounds Of The Forest; Passions Of A Different Kind
  5. The Submarines – Shoelaces; Love Notes/Letter Bombs
  6. Foals – My Number; Holy Fire
  7. Guilty About Girls – Candy Candy; The Very Best Of…
  8. Mint Julep – To The Sea; Save Your Season
  9. Chairlift – Ghost Tonight; Something
  10. Toro Y Moi – High Living; Anything In Return
  11. The Little Ones – Argonauts; The Dawn Sang Along
  12. Young Dreams – Fog Of War; Between Places
  13. Kill It Kid – Dark Hearted Songbird; Feet Fall Heavy

Or Check Out The Full Playlist On Spotify

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