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Song of the Day! Cage The Elephant – Always Something

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Cage The Elephant know it's Always Something from Bowling Green, Kentucky

Cage The Elephant have always been something truly great. I mean why else would their music receive so much repeated play in the media? After being constantly barraged with Cage The Elephant’s first album singles since the band gained airplay in 2009, it’s easy to see why so many would be sick of material from these guys. I can’t help but to feel that it should not be like this. Their newest album Thank You, Happy Birthday should have been something for people to embrace and enjoy, not just acknowledge the hit song Shake Me Down and move on. There is much more to their sophomore album then one might first perceive and I decided that maybe I had sold myself short by not acquiring the album in full sooner.

I stopped by my [not so] local record store to see what discount CDs I could pick. (It’s a damn shame that no one still buys CDs.) After spending a 30 minutes walking through the CDs in alphabetical order I finally made the decision to go with Cage The Elephant’s Thank You, Happy Birthday and ANR‘s Hearts. I left the store and immediately popped my new Cage The Elephant CD into my car’s stereo. I was sent off into the twisted and estranged musical realm created by the sounds of the first track off of Thank You, Happy Birthday, Always Something. With it’s sharp lyrics and mysterious melody I was sold on the spot for this new Cage The Elephant. What a hell of a way to start an album! Trust me when I say the creativity and lyrical superiority did not stop there. Track by track I was gifted with alternative rock awesomeness as I drove home thoroughly satisfied with my purchase. I can’t recommend enough that you pick up Thank You, Happy Birthday again and give it a proper go this time. It’s busting with real energy and talent at the seams.

Note: There was no way to get Always Something on Soundcloud so I did a work around through Grooveshark. Please let me know if the player does not function properly.

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