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Song of the Day! Lanu – Beautiful Trash feat. Megan Washington

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DJ Lanu brings us his musical versatility from Melbourne

Info on Lanu:

Beautiful Trash is very beautiful and is anything but trash. A nice casual beat that anyone can step to and wonderful smile inducing vocals courtesy of Megan Washington. It seems that this style is not quite the norm for New Zealand born, Australian based, DJ Lanu who is more widely know for his club hits then easy going jazz-esque tunes. I think it is perfectly fine for him to take a break from those club bangers if he’s going to compile such wonderful songs like Beautiful Trash. You can hear many more tracks with this kind of steady flow on Lanu’s latest LP Her 12 Faces, which features Ms. Washington a multitude of times. If broken beat and random french is your thing then I suggest looking into this album.

One thought on “Song of the Day! Lanu – Beautiful Trash feat. Megan Washington

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