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Song of the Day! Adele – Rolling In the Deep


Adele gives us her signature soul out of Britain

[UPDATE: Adele grow way beyond the bounds of soundcloud so here is a link to the video:]

Whoa! Move over Florence, Adele is here to claim her title as the best female British singer in today’s musical market. You can just feel the soul and passion flowing out of Adele as she belts out beautiful notes over foot stomping beats in Rolling In the Deep. This is the kind of song that has the ability to transcend genere and excite people of all walks of life. This stuff usually isn’t my cup of tea but after this glorious tune I’m down to see if all the hype is true for Adele’s latest album 21, which was released earlier in January. I hope songs like this will inspire more artist to look back at earlier genres, such as the blues and soul, to influence their future music.

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day! Adele – Rolling In the Deep

  1. Man I don’t know if you’ve gotten to listen to 21 yet… but it’s off the chain. I saw her live a few years ago in Nashville, TN when she had just gotten nominated for her Grammy Awards. Listen to her first album, 19, first. Get obsessed, then listen to 21 : ) Cheers.

    • I will now defiantly make a point to listen to 19 before I go all out on 21. Adele seems like the kind of artist where not just one her songs are amazing but pretty much all of them are.

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