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Song of the Day! Death Cab For Cutie – You Are A Tourist

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Death Cab For Cutie came together in Washington

Every time I hear that a new Death Cab For Cutie album is coming out I always get really excited and always a little worried. Death Cab For Cutie haven’t put out anything earth shattering since before Narrow Stairs so I think it’s fairly reasonable to have to some doubt that their newest album will exceed the high expectations the band sets for itself. Then I heard the single You Are A Tourist and I think this song is grounds to dismiss all doubt that their new album Codes and Keys will disappoint. There is a this new tone to Death Cab, it seems so familiar yet elusive and echos the style of Ben Gibbard’s reputable side project The Postal Service. If even half the tracks on the new album can get me as excited as this one then I will be ready to say for sure that Death Can For Cutie is back in business. Codes and Keys will be out this summer May 31.

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